The World’s Best Martini

The World’s Best Martini


Back in October, our Harley represented Lilliput Dorset Gin in the first tasting for The World’s Best Martini competition. And now we are proud to announce… That they’re both FINALISTS!

The concept is simple, yet fantastic. A selection of gin producers and their representative talented bartenders from across the nation craft their own martini with the finest gin, which is then taste-tested by the experts to create a shortlist of their favourites. This year, just five 2018 contenders have been shortlisted. That’s ARBIKIE AK’S GIN, BERTHA’S REVENGE, KOKORO GIN, LILLIPUT DORSET GIN, AND POTHECARY GIN.

And of course, every year a new gin is crowned the World’s Best Martini at the Challenge event. Bartenders partner with their representative gin brands to taste and craft their famous martini recipes.

This year, Andy Woodfield, Founder of Lilliput Dorset Gin, chose our Harley to represent Lilliput Gin to enter. Harley (previously of Koh Noi Lilliput) is one of our very best and most creative bartenders. He’s so good that we’ve since moved him to our Koh Lounge where he can have total focus on the bar and creating his new selection of specials with our incredible bar team there.

The partnership was one of a chance meeting. Andy started Lilliput Gin early 2017 and offered Harley a bottle of Lilliput Gin to play around with  – every bartender’s dream day – whilst he was still at our playful little Koh Noi. Harley’s creation: the ‘Lillet-put’ Martini was an instant favourite for Andy and remains, to this day, a staple for his regular visits. It was this creation that paved the way for the pair to enter into the World’s Best Martini Competition.

For his entry, Harley crafted two individual Martini recipes. His first was a Classic Martini with the finest Lilliput Gin, Martini Dry and to garnish, a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Not to mention Harley’s own creative twist on a classic martini, which he named the Lillet-put Martini. This Martini features white grapes muddled down with black pepper, Lillet Blanc, and of course, Lilliput Gin.

To learn more about the World’s Best Martini Competition, click here.

Keep an eye on our social media @kohthaitapas for updates and tickets for the final, as and when they go on sale.