Thai Orchid Festival with HRH Princess of Thailand

Thai Orchid Festival with HRH Princess of Thailand

This week, we had the privilege of catering for 300 guests at Kew Gardens in honour of HRH Princess of Thailand, the Thai Ambassador and the Thai Orchid Festival.

Last year, His Excellency, Mr. Pisanu Suvanajata, Thai Ambassador to the UK attended a traditional Thai event, hosted at Koh Lounge. Catered for by our Executive Cheffing Team, not only did a few of those delicious new dishes then become staples of following specials menus, but a great relationship blossomed between CEO, Andy, The Thai Ambassador and the Thai Embassy in London. Not long after, our chefs were invited to cater for the Thai National Day at an Embassy event in London.

When our CEO, Andy, received another invitation to cater for the Thai Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens, in the presence of HRH The Princess of Thailand, we felt completely honoured and gratefully accepted the opportunity. The festival is a huge celebration of Thailand’s culture and vibrant plant life and it truly was a wonder to behold!

It’s not called the Thai Orchid Festival for nothing… The orchids were displayed in their thousands, all in an array of colours.

Our CEO Andy Lennox, pictured with our Koh event banners, felt very proud to lead such a fantastic team at the prestigious event.

Our team of talented chefs really pulled it out of the bag with a selection of unique and delicious authentically Thai nibbles, that were definitely fit for the Princess!

We also served a Thai inspired cocktail, created by our Koh Bournemouth bartender, Antony. The refreshing tipple was created with muddle fresh lime and lemongrass, Larios gin and Lillet Blanc fortified wine, topped with prosecco.

That’s right, each and every one of the 300 fresh lime leaves were delicately pegged on by our amazing team. (We’re all about the small details!)

We’re not one to be biased, however, the food really was SUBLIME.


Here’s our team of proud chefs, with the Princess (centre), CEO, Andy (right of Princess) Head Chefs Thor (left of Princess) and Sony (right of Andy). Our Thai National chefs were honoured to serve such highly respected guests and felt immensely proud to have been in her presence. We also worked with two super-chefs from Dust Thani (pictured above, in white). The make-shift kitchen ran one slick operation!

Whilst we were very lucky to be a part of this prestigious event, The Thai Orchid Festival event is also open to you – the public! Learn about Thailand’s magnificent culture, admire the floral displays and try some authentic Thai food. The festival is running until 11th March and you can buy your tickets here.

Finally, a huge thank you to the team at Kew Gardens and the Thai Embassy for arranging such a fantastic event and inviting us along to cater.