Testing out the Little Kohians’ Menu at Koh Thai Tapas

Testing out the Little Kohians’ Menu at Koh Thai Tapas

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A post by NewYoungMum – 13th March 2017

“Koh Thai is a restaurant I’ve been eating at since at arrived in Bournemouth. It was always a nice place to go for dinner with friends as an evening out away from being a Mum. Koh Thai Tapas serves up authentic Thai food in their gorgeous restaurants and the menu is just delicious. They have since gone out to open other local restaurants to us and lots more across the South.

Last week we were invited to come and try out the Little Kohians’ menu. I didn’t actually know they had a kids menu so this was very exciting. A place that I love to eat at that’s also welcoming to children is always a bonus in my eyes.

The children’s menu is really reasonable £6.95 for a starter, main and a desert. It’s always a bonus when I know Amelia’s getting a pudding as then I can usually bribe her to eat some more of the main if she knows she’s getting an ice cream! We went for lunch and they also do a light lunch menu which was perfect for me to have alongside.

The children’s starter was really lovely, veggie sticks and a couple of spring rolls which Amelia did really well with trying and what she didn’t eat of those I tucked into.  There were a few different options to choose from on the main. I did consider getting her a curry but didn’t want to risk it in case she didn’t like it so we went with the noodles. The children’s main was really generous in size and Amelia did so well with it.

Amelia, before I’d even finished my curry which was also delicious, asked the waiter for ice cream (well trained) which came with a little babyccino which I thought was a lovely touch!

I love that one of my favourite restaurants could now be a place I could eat with Amelia and it made for the perfect Mummy Daughter date lunch and we will be back to try some more of the kids’ menu for sure!

Thanks for having us, Koh Thai. I would definitely recommend heading there if you have one local to you as the food is delicious!”