Songkran: The World’s Biggest Water Fight

Songkran: The World’s Biggest Water Fight

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Many of you are probably wondering… what is Songkran all about? Water pistols at the ready: here is the low down…

SONGKRAN 13th – 15th April

In celebration of the traditional Thai New Year, Thailand’s “wet ‘n’ wild” water festival meets ancient Buddist traditions, as Songkran takes place all over the country each April during the hottest time of the year.

The water washes away the bad luck, bad thoughts and actions, to open the door to good luck for the New Year. A time for spiritual cleansing and to visit their local temples with family in colourful processions. And whilst we may have celebrated 2018 a few months back, the Thai New Year is based on the sun and star alignment, rather than the beginning of the lunar year. The calendar also beings with the death of the Buddha, 543 years before the start of the Christian calendar, making it the year 2561.

Songkran in Chiang Mai by Koh Thai

It has also become a huge tourist attraction, bringing Thailand to life with coloured powder and water flooding the air above tens of thousands of partygoers lining the streets!

Whether you are on foot, piled on the back of a scooter, tuk tuk or otherwise, no one will escape the assault from buckets of icy water, water cannons, super soakers and squirt guns as the whole country comes to a standstill for the crazy event.

No one is safe! Little kids terrorise adults with squeals of glee as ice cold water is poured down their backs. The drive by shootings from squirt guns are relentless. 4×4 vehicles are adapted to become water assault vehicles. This is water-warfare! And one of the most incredible and fun spectacles, you will ever lay witness to.

Songkran Thailand 2018 by Koh Thai Songkran Thailand 2018 by Koh Thai Songkran Thailand 2018 by Koh Thai

Where to be:

  • Whilst it is celebrated nationwide, with bank holidays, Chiang Mai really is the place to be! Yes, it is our heartland and yes we may be biased, but it truly is the soul of Songkran. Nowhere is quite so prominent or crazy as Chiang Mai. With its beautiful temples stand proudly for the religious traditions. Meanwhile, perfectly placed moats for children to refill from, from sun up to sun down.

Songkran Thailand 2018 by Koh Thai

How to prepare and what to expect:

  • Lock away all gadgets, electronics and pretty much everything you don’t want to get wet – wherever you are, whatever the time…
  • Its not just water, expect chalk to be put all over your face (a symbolic blessing turned accessory) and coloured powder to ‘redesign’ your clothes
  • Prepare to battle with 3-year-olds to 70-year-olds
  • Prepare to dance! It truly is a celebration
  • Expect a few whiskey-fuelled days
  • Not only does the water wash away your sins, it also washes away your suncream, so reapply regularly as it is HOT
  • Play nice and be respectful – no matter the heat and amount of soaking you can expect, dress respectfully, avoid shooting water in anyone’s face and look out for children.

Celebrate Songkran, with us at Koh. Enjoy a taste of Thailand and look out for specials, created by our bartenders for the occasion. To book your table, simply click here.