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Meet Our Manager: Jordan Kite, Koh Lymington

Meet Our Manager: Jordan Kite, Koh Lymington

Meet Jordan (or as his friends like to call him, J-Dog). After five years in the hospitality industry and travelling across the globe to ‘find himself’, Jordan wanted a change and left hospitality for a career in property lettings. Well… it wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. So, he packed up his things and waltzed back into the world of hospitality (that’s right Jordan, the #hospitalitylife chose you).

With half a decade’s experience of cocktail-making and table-waiting under his belt, Jordan joined us just in time for the launch of Koh Lymington in late 2016, where he started as a keyholder.

Jordan soared his way through the ranks until he reached the very top. Within just three weeks, he lost his keyholder status and became a Training Assistant Manager (surely that’s a company record, right?). By March 2017, he bagged the role of Assistant Manager. After a good few months of perfecting his skills, by December, he was finally ready to take on the GM challenge.

So far, Jordan’s Koh adventure has been very successful, with a lot of hard work and a good few pinches of fun thrown in for good measure! His favourite memory so far was the get-together of all staff for our fabulous Koh Awards, with his runner-up title for ‘Manager of the Year’ being the icing on the cake.

But, we couldn’t tell you all of his best bits without letting you in on a juicy embarrassing story… sorry Jordan. Although, actually, we are pretty sure that there are far worse stories to be found (*please write in… Rewards potentially offered*).

Have you ever seen a blender set off without the lid on? Well, there were similar scenes behind the bar for Jordan. Typically, it was one of the busiest evenings around the bar – maximum shame guaranteed. Jordan was shaking up a creamy Piña Colada, perhaps getting a little too into it, showing off. You can see where this is going… The lid flew off, the drink flew through the air as if in slow motion, before smothering Jord and his all-black attire in the tropical delight. The ground refused his demand to swallow him up and instead he was left to quietly skulk out from behind the bar and take refuge in the office to mop down.

If you like Pina Coladas 🎵 …hmm, or not.

With a track record of achievement, we’re sure Jordan will continue to reach for the stars. One day, (when that rainbow is shining over him – S Club anyone?), he would love to become a fully-fledged hospitality hero by opening a restaurant or bar of his own. He also hopes to relive his travelling days by visiting as many corners of the world he possibly can. So far, he’s ticked Thailand, Bali, Vietnam and Cambodia off his bucket list.

In his spare time, he ‘hopelessly attempts’ (his words, not ours) to play golf and is a huge AFC Bournemouth fan. When he’s not busy running the ship – not the actual Ship, strictly Koh Thai only, – he tries to go to as many games as possible!

We couldn’t be prouder of Jordan’s success and we can’t wait to see what he pulls out of the bag next. If you’re ever passing by Koh Lymington, do pop in and say hello!

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