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Meet Our Ops Team: Alexia Kaziani, Promotion to Ops Manager

Meet Our Ops Team: Alexia Kaziani, Promotion to Ops Manager

Lexi, our Greek Goddess, descending to us from the tiny island of Corfu, is our one-in-a-million…

Previously a Super General Manager (a rare breed of manager) of both Koh Romsey and Koh Southsea, our Lexi has deservingly been promoted to an Operations Manager! Joining us at Head Office, Lex will be covering Koh Bournemouth & Lounge, Koh Salisbury, Koh Southsea and Koh Winchester.

Tell us a little more about Alexia, we hear you cry!

Previously working as a butler in Corfu, Lex spent her days providing the best in hospitality for an incredibly rich family. She even went so far as actually diving to hand-catch sea urchins, for their dinner – yes really! Now that has to top the list for going the extra mile to create ‘The Complete Dining Experience’!

This is not her only notable ‘in-water’ experience (yes, a tedious link, because this story had to get in this blog somewhere! It’s brilliant!). In fact, its ‘unfrogettable’.

Ever heard of the phrase: kissing a few frogs to find your prince? Lexi took that to the next level.

That’s right, Alexia, aged 12, (somehow) managed to get a leaping frog lodged in her mouth when taking a cooling dip in the pool, whilst still living in Greece.

Yet more proof that you can throw anything at her and she will grab the bull by the horns. Or the frog… by the legs *gag*.

Meet Our Manager Koh Romsey & Koh Southsea

Later life…

Lex made the move to the UK in 2007 to study Event Management with plans to be a Party Planner, abroad. The recession had other ideas and eventually, she found a new passion within hospitality, for restaurants.

She soon joined the Senior Management Team at The Lounges, specialising in openings. Alexia’s 8th launch was with Koh, as she jumped ship to join our awesome Koh Romsey team in August 2016.

“Opening restaurants is my passion. I crave the excitement, stress and chaos that comes with it, but also the satisfaction once it is all over, for the amazing venue the team has created is left”.

As a Super GM, Alexia’s superpower was her ability to nurture our training managers, which she will continue to do with our GM’s, across a greater number of sites, in her new role.

She may be hopping mad and have one of the most distinctive laughs in the company, but she is an absolute asset!

If you’re looking for Lexi and you can’t find her in any of her sites, you’ll probably find her out diving for your hand-caught sea bass…

When she’s not working, we’re pretty sure Lex just spends most of her time holidaying back home in Corfu, with one eye on any leaping amphibian. #frogwatch

“Since joining the company in 2016 Lexi has gone from strength to strength and we couldn’t be happier to have such a formidable woman as part of our Ops team! She’s toad-ally awesome!

Disclaimer: Lex, please accept our sincere apologies for sharing your frog story, but it really was just ribbetting stuff. We hope you can frogive us!

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