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Meet The Manager: Kieran Manning, Koh Bath

Meet The Manager: Kieran Manning, Koh Bath

Meet our fun-loving, outgoing (and a little competitive) GM, Kieran, or as his team likes to call him, Kiki/Keewan. From starting at Koh Bristol in August 2016 as a TAM, to AM six months later, then finally making the jump to GM (being one of our youngest!) by August 2017, it’s safe to say that he’s come on leaps and bounds. All of that in just a year! After taking a short break from us at Koh we welcomed him back with open arms to take on Koh Thai Bath as the General Manger! We are sooo happy to have you back, Kieran.

As we said, our Kieran is definitely outgoing, but after a drink or two at the Bristol Good Food Awards, things got a bit out of hand…

The #banter was flowing over the Bristol Managers Whatsapp chat, however, it all escalated rather quickly, isn’t that right Kieran? Let’s just say that Kieran accidentally called Andy (yes, our CEO, who he had only met once or twice at the time) a slightly inappropriate ‘pet name’, if you will. That cringe feeling, like when you accidentally call your school teacher ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’, just got ten times worse.

However, it doesn’t all end there boys and girls! An embarrassed (and a little tiddled) Kieran made it home, however only to remember that he would have to come face to face with Andy the next day on a trip to Hattingley Valley! Nothing like the smell of wine when you’re nursing a hangover… lovely. All in all, the entire day was a huge *facepalm*. Oh, Kieran…

It’s fair to say he’s had some fairly embarrassing memories, but he’s also had some good ones. Our Kieran is a true party animal and loves a good staff get together to catch up with everyone.

Despite being so young, Kieran certainly kept himself busy with various jobs and hobbies before climbing aboard team Koh. His background started with a life by the sea! Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside… 🌊🛥️

At just 16, he dabbled in the #marketinglife within the Youth Advisory Board at the RNLI, where he and five other 16-18 year olds from across the UK did some fabulous work on youth engagement with the RNLI and developing campaigns on how to stay safe at sea.  By 17, he was in the Merchant Navy, which made him one of the youngest people in the UK to start a degree course, but also gave him the opportunity to sail around the coast of Brazil during the World Cup. Jealous, much?!

On the side of all this, Kieran also qualified as a paddlesports instructor! We’d love for him to venture down from Bristol to teach us… pretty please Kieran!

Kieran is also one of our #LGBT ambassadors: previously running the biggest LGBT nightclub in the South West, he’s done the community proud.

As you can tell, Kieran has had an incredibly successful past, so there’s no doubt he’s going to have an incredibly successful future! His huge dream would be to open his own bar or club, but for now, he’s very happy and going with the flow.

When he’s not running the ship at Koh Bath, Kieran loves to spend time with his friends as much as possible, and definitely enjoys a few cocktails (or three!) and a good night out. We did tell you he was a party animal!

We’re so proud of Kieran; he is currently turning Koh Bath around and is absolutely smashing it as GM. We love seeing his smiling face and learning more about his ever-growing shirt collection when we visit him up in Bath. Why not pop in and say hello?

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