Things we love for pride: Cocktails worth coming out for

Things we love for pride: Cocktails worth coming out for

Across the months of June, July & August, we at Koh are showing our support for all things PRIDE.

With Pride Parade happening in our following locations, look out for our LOUD & PROUD rainbow ribbon installations in the windows of these Kohs:

Bristol: 30th June – 9th July (Koh Bristol)

Bournemouth: 30th June – 2nd July (Koh Bournemouth, Koh Lounge & Koh Noi Lilliput)

Salisbury: 24th Aug (Koh Salisbury)

So, what’s it all about?

LGBT Pride celebrates a positive stance against discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. This colourful event for the gay rights movement was sparked in 1969 with the Stonewall riots for gay rights.

Where it all began: The Stonewall Riots

The Stonewall Riots in Manhattan, New York City, were a series of violent demonstrations by members of the LGBT community following a 3 am police raid of the Stonewall Inn – a gay club. Although the police were justified in their raid of the club selling alcohol without a license, New York’s gay community had become weary of the police after multiple New York gay club closures. A riot soon unfolded, followed by a week of protests. This was considered the first of the LGBT liberations movement.

Since then, Pride has evolved into the peaceful and celebratory global movement it is today, celebrating that #LOVEISLOVE without discrimination. This is a belief that we all strongly support and a cause also close to the hearts of our incredible staff.

This weekend, Koh is ready and waiting to bring the communities together with all our love and support for Pride. Look out for our rainbow ribbon installations to brighten up your dining experience in the above Koh windows.

The Koh family invites you to celebrate Pride with 2 for 1 on our special pride cocktail. Created by our cocktail connoisseur, Alex West, of Koh Lounge in Bournemouth, the ‘Flamingo’s Pride’ will be our cocktail for this year’s celebrations, made with Lilliput Gin’s limited edition Pride bottles.


2 for 1 on Pride Cocktails

For every Pride edition bottle that we purchase from Lilliput Gin, a £5 donation is made to the following LGBT charities:

  • Diversity Role Models
  • Opening Doors
  • Stonewall
  • Pride in London
  • Manchester Pride
  • Leeds Pride
  • Bristol Pride
  • Brighton Pride

Look out for other specials made in site also within our 2 for 1 cocktail offer.

Pop into either of the above sites that are celebrating to claim your 2 for 1 on our Pride special.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!




Other things we love happening this Pride.

“Strands for Trans” for Barba from Terri & Sandy

Barbershops are notoriously male-dominated with a gender stereotype, but this year, men’s grooming shop Barba is promoting its inclusivity and showing support for trans men and women with a very simplistic but perhaps overlooked attitude: “haircuts without harassment”. During Pride Month, Barba customers can get their hair dyed blue, pink and white (the colours of the transgender flag) for FREE.


Instagram Pride stickers and Rainbow Brush

All six stickers for use on Instagram Story were made by LGBTQ artists from the global community. When you see a Pride sticker in someone’s story, tap it to find out who created it. From there, you can also tap to discover more content from pride around the world.

Instagram’s Rainbow Walls

In honour of pride, Insta are kicking off a global initiative to turn walls in cities around the world into colourful beacons of support. Beginning in Los Angeles, the team transformed the iconic Paul Smith pink wall into a rainbow. Murals by artists throughout the Instagram community will also appear in London, Madrid, Nashville and Cleveland. Visit a rainbow wall and take a photo or video in front of the wall to show your support of the LGBTQ community. You can also join the #KindComments movement on Instagram and make someone’s day by leaving a supportive comment on their post



Pride reaction

Facebooks promotion for pride this year is a rainbow flag which can be used to react to posts and show your support for the equality movement.




Last year, the hashtag #LoveWins and #LoveIsLove auto-populated with a rainbow heart. This year, #Pride2017, #PrideIsHappening and #LoveIsLove will automatically populate a new Pridemoji. These hashtags were translated into the most popular languages on Twitter, including Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Russian, UK English, Indonesian, Korean, German, Italian, Thai, Dutch and Simplified Chinese.



A sticker pack containing 14 Bitmojis and stickers that can be added to Snaps or Stories.

Pride-themed Geofilters will be launched every weekend throughout the month on a rotation. Snap away to find yours.



“Nashville” for Budweiser

American country music drama “Nashville” is back with a new broadcaster this year and this season, Budweiser is getting meta, creating a Pride campaign within the show itself. Openly gay singer Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) becomes a Bud pitchman in a purposefully clichéd storyline beginning this month. The ad will then run on the show in early July. Look out for the new ad on Budweiser social media.
“LGBTQAlphabet” for Equinox by Wieden+Kennedy New York 

As the ever-growing acronym of LGBTQ becomes somewhat of a laughing matter, it also provokes more meaningful conversations about inclusivity. Labelling is a common issue within the gay rights movement. In a fun response to the conversation, this year, Equinox have partnered with The LGBT Community Center in NYC to create an entire alphabet of representation.