Meet Our Manager: Terry Denis, Koh Boscombe

Meet Our Manager: Terry Denis, Koh Boscombe


Meet Terry, General Manager of Koh Boscombe.

Firmly at home in the quirkiness of The Original, Terry is one of our – how can we say it – “wisest” employees. The one with the most life experience… With both Mauritian and Seychelles heritage, our Terry joined us in 2013 at Koh Bournemouth as a talented barman to mix up cocktails as exotic as he is. It wasn’t long before he claimed the bar as his own territory and became our Bar Manager there.

Soon after, Terry continued with our management training in Boscombe, graduating the Koh Academy as General Manager of the site in 2015.

Meet Our Koh Boscombe Manager Terry Dennis

Today, when he escapes the back-of-house admin, you will still find Terry experimenting behind the bar and shaking up a bartender’s choice cocktail or two for his loyal regulars.

“I love having been a part of Boscombe life for so many years. I’ve met so many people along the way – friendly faces that still pop back to say hello and visit us. The site where it all began”.

Terry’s favourite thing about Koh is, of course, the food. But not just eating it. As a keen culinary artist himself, he loves learning from our team of Thai chefs, carefully watching their tricks of the trade as they cook all of our Thai favourites.

Terry’s biggest accomplishment alongside the story of his career progression is his raising a family of his own, with his wife and two young children. In his opinion, all this washes his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro into insignificance – although we think this is still pretty cool. That said, the latter still had some lasting impact as he has vowed to avoid long walks ever since, opting for the skateboard as his preferred mode of transport.

If you see Terry skating in and out of Koh Boscombe, be sure to give him a wave or pop in and ask him for his Bartender’s Choice Cocktail.

Meet our Koh Boscombe Manager