Meet Our Manager: Sam Fudge, Koh Noi Lilliput

Meet Our Manager: Sam Fudge, Koh Noi Lilliput


Meet Sam. Sam Fudge. More commonly known simply as ‘Fudge’.

Our phoenix rising from the ashes: at 14 years old Sam overcame thyroid cancer, with the support of local hospital staff and CLIC Sargent ( who he continues to fundraise today, to go onto complete school with flying colours. After finishing school, in 2014, Sam joined our Front of House team as a waiter at our Flagship, Koh Bournemouth before making the jump soon after to help with the successful launch of Koh Noi Lilliput.

A man of many talents, by night, Sam was still mastering both the Front of House and behind the bar, but by day he was studying hard, first at college and later as a FORENSIC SCIENCE UNDERGRAD NO LESS?! His drive and pure determination in both roles really made him stand out. It would have been a CRIME to let him slip away. Instead we rewarded him with a promotion from a waiter/bartender to Trainee Assistant Manager.

Another year passed… Sam had mastered the SCIENCE of his Assistant Management training. He had his first year of his degree in the bag. Soon after, he was promoted to Assistant Manager, and with EVIDENCE of his KILLER management skills, he was shortly promoted again, to General Manager at Koh Noi Lilliput in 2016.

In late 2016, Sam took a fully supported break from Koh to finish his degree (in FORENSIC SCIENCE did we mention??). He returned to the Flagship on a part-time basis with his studies as a priority. Shortly after he graduated, the role of General Manager at Lilliput became available. As fate would have it, it was there waiting for him should he have chosen to take the challenge back on. Luckily for us, he jumped at the opportunity to return to ‘The Put’ in the summer of 2017!

Back in the game and finally finished with his education, our Forensic Scientist has still been keeping busy, fundraising to this day, for his chosen charity, CLIC Sargent.

Sam has shown many strong qualities in both his personal and professional achievements. He is a go-getter with an ambitious approach to life. But more importantly, he is just an all-round great guy! He is a key part of the social life of the Koh Family. “He’s MVP within the Koh football team” we’re told. Shortly answered with: “but he never passes!”. We’re also told this is because “There is never anyone to pass to!” (you can probably imagine this conversation playing out between our Operations boys).

Many of you will already know Sam as a familiar face, so why not pop into Koh Noi, Lilliput and say hello. The man, the myth, the “self-proclaimed” living legend and another great success story of the Koh Academy.

CSI – you can wait! However, not one for an easy life, we are all wondering what challenge Sam will seek out to tackle next… it must be in his DNA…