Meet Our Manager: Mark Hooper, Koh Salisbury, Bournemouth & Lounge

Meet Our Manager: Mark Hooper, Koh Salisbury, Bournemouth & Lounge

Salisbury, Bournemouth, Koh Lounge

Meet Hoops. Master among men. Super General Manager.

Emperor of Koh Salisbury, Koh Bournemouth and Koh Lounge, his superpower is to somehow squeeze 30 hours out of a 24-hour day. His managers will tell you he runs a tight ship, even across the challenge of three sites – oh and he is a father of two adorable little girls. We figured that he gave up sleep when he put himself forward for the challenge of three sites.

Meet our Manager Koh Salisbury, Bournemouth and Lounge

Mark joined Koh Bournemouth in 2013 as a bartender from Wetherspoons. He has since progressed all the way through the Koh Academy up to an Assistant General Manager before launching Koh Salisbury as our General Manager in 2016.

In 2017 as we launched a new concept – Koh Lounge – next door to our Flagship, Koh Bournemouth, Mark put himself forward to run all three. This wasn’t something we had done before or had plans to do, but for this guy, the challenge was on!

Mark has always been one of our most pro-active managers, seeking out events to get involved with in Salisbury as well as running one of the most perfectly kept sites and we didn’t doubt for a minute that he would turn all three into a success.

Currently two months into the new SGM role and supported by a team of six assistant managers, Hoops continues to smash it. If you are in any of his sites, just pop in and say hello to Pappa Hoops.

If you’re not sure which one he is, look for the skinny jeans, growing collection of tattoos and substantial chest hair. Rock and roll!