Meet Our Manager: Harry Kimberley, Koh Christchurch

Meet Our Manager: Harry Kimberley, Koh Christchurch


Say hello to Harry!

Est. Kohian since 2013 and founder of the Dim Sum Train (if you weren’t at the Christchurch Food Festival, this is essentially a Dim Sum Conga – you missed out!). Harry is our General Manager for Koh Noi Christchurch. A playful and fun manager, perfectly suited to our tiny island playground. Graduate of the Koh Academy in record time, here is a little about his story:

Affectionately named ‘Harry Big Guns’ or more commonly referred to as ‘HBG’, Harry joined Koh in July 2013 at our original, Koh Thai Tapas, Boscombe as a part-time waiter. Lucky for us we convinced Harry to join the team full-time.

Harry has since dabbled with work experience in our Operations Team and with our events before winning Kohian of the Year at our first Kohian Awards.

Soon after, Harry joined our Training Assistant Manager programme through the Koh Academy at Boscombe in 2015. As a qualified Assistant Manager, Harry then moved to his now home, Koh Noi, Christchurch in May 2016. By July, Harry had proven himself enough to take on the mighty role of General Manager.

As a fan of the Koh Academy, Harry is now looking to roll this out further, building on his partnership with the Bournemouth & Poole College. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on work experience with The Koh Group, thanks to Harry, coming soon.

A little more about Harry:

When asked what makes him tick, Harry told us: “I have a passion for sport, particularly football. My favourite colour is blue – like Chelsea of course! I love exploring different places. I used to be a music and drama student” – who’d have known?!

You’ll probably find Harry on the door of the buzzing Koh Noi Christchurch, monitoring the waiting list for the next table. Wander in and experience the fun of the restaurant reflected from Harry and the team’s ever cheery personalities.