Time to say goodbye: Chris Snow, Koh Bath

Time to say goodbye: Chris Snow, Koh Bath

Bath, Bristol

If you haven’t met him yet, then you are not as well-travelled a Koh tourist, as we would like. However, if you have been to Koh Thai in Bournemouth, Southsea, Bristol or Bath over his respective eras, then you would have had the pleasure of meeting our Snowy. Sadly, today we say goodbye and wish him well as he ends five years of service with Koh and three years as our superb General Manager for the Koh Thai Tapas Bath restaurant.

Here’s a little about his story and how he became so super:

Chris started with Koh in our flagship restaurant, Koh Thai Tapas Bournemouth, as a bartender. Soon afterwards he made the move to Portsmouth to take on our third Koh Thai Tapas in Southsea in a shared management position with Mrs Snow.

Glorified after its successful launch, the pair then relocated again, this time to Bath, where Chris took on the ‘earlier launched’ fourth Koh in the family, Koh Thai Tapas, Bath, as General Manager.

Bath is Chris & Becky’s current home with little Alice – a familiar cute face in the Koh Manager WhatsApp.

Chris, dubbed King of Spreadsheets and leader of the Snowtroopers has done wonderful things with Bath and is a much-loved figurehead of the team. He even took on the role of Super General Manager, juggling the general management of Koh Bristol during an interim period.

Chris is a long-standing Kohian and has been a massive asset to the team. We were lucky to have him and wish him all the best as he sets his sights on pastures new:

“It is now time for me to say goodbye to Koh and this Restaurant. I have had an amazing time and met some lovely people both in Bath and in the other Koh’s I have worked in over the last 5 years. I would just like to say thank you to all the customers who give us a go, and those who keep coming back. Please don’t stop coming, the restaurant is in capable hands and will continue to serve beautiful food with great service.

Thanks for the memories. X

Thank you Chris, we love you!