Koh FC on the Move Again!

Koh FC on the Move Again!

Bournemouth, Christchurch, Boscombe, Ringwood, Lymington, Lilliput

Koh FC training again!

In the early years of Koh Thai there were a group of lads who loved to play a bit of footie (not in the restaurants we may add!).
Years went by and as we started building new restaurants and those boys who played their weekly football had to knuckle down and help build Koh to where it is now!
Mark in the HQ team, one of the original football players back in the day, has decided to start the team up again (we think this might be so he can get his energy out on a football pitch with the arrival of his third daughter at home…).
If you want to see a group of restauranteurs and old school Kohian’s run around in shorts for the afternoon in Bournemouth or want to get involved ping mark an email at markhooper@koh-thai.co.uk.
Here are some photos of the boys in action at Stamford Bridge playing courtesy of Singha Beer (thank you guys!). Some cracking goals were scored, a pulled thigh muscle and some seriously large kits were used!