Introducing our NEW Christmas Specials for 2017

Introducing our NEW Christmas Specials for 2017

In addition to relaunching our menu with a selection of new Thai inspired dishes, we are also introducing our Christmas Specials, which are BRAND NEW for 2017.

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All of our Christmas Specials have been lovingly crafted by our talented Our Head Chef, Thor, and are guaranteed to bring an authentic Thai twist to your festive celebration.

Steak Skewers

A new (and we think improved!) twist on our famous chicken satay! Tenderised topside beef coated in a rich but sweet garlic and coriander sauce. This delicious and meaty tapas dish is sure to be a favourite! (Gluten-free)

Thai Chicken Wings

Crispy chicken wings, spiced, seasoned and topped with crisped Thai lemon grass, lime leaf and a drizzling of soy sauce. A classic with a Thai twist and a tasty milder option! (Gluten-free)

King Prawn Gem Cups

Plump and meaty Thai king prawns smothered in a fiery chilli sauce. Topped with fresh chilli and red onion. Each served on a bed of crunchy baby gem lettuce, with mint and lashings of lemon juice. Spicy! (Pescatarian)

Hang Le Curry

A traditional favourite from Northern Thailand meaning ‘heavy’: Succulent pork shoulder and chunky peanuts combined within a sweet yet sour Hang Le Curry sauce. Unlike the red or green curries, the tamarind juice gives the Hang Le a completely unique flavour. A must try Thai dish! (Medium spice. Contains nuts)

The Smiling Sea Bass

Premium sea bass fillets, coated in a delicate batter and a zesty lemongrass sauce. To finish, we garnish with ripe pineapple chunks, creamy cashew nuts, sweet red onion and a drizzling of pungent red chilli. (Medium. Pescatarian. Contains nuts)

Vegetable Kratong Tong

Buttery mixed vegetables, delicately seasoned with cumin, curry powder and served in a crispy golden pastry cup.

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