Meet Our Manager: Ashley Maggs, Koh Salisbury

Meet Our Manager: Ashley Maggs, Koh Salisbury


Meet Ashley (or as his team likes to call him: Grandad). One of Koh Thai Salisbury’s ‘Originals’ and now, the General Manager for our beautiful island in the City.

So, where do we begin with Ashley…

Perhaps his appearance at the Koh Summer Awards bash in a pair stiletto boots sums up his character well? Which, by the way, he lasted in until the early hours. Or at least until he fell down the stairs in Canvas night club, – which really left its mark๐Ÿ‘. He insists he only wore them due to ‘peer pressure’ from the team, but the team seem to think it didn’t take much convincing…

Or perhaps its the award he won, just hours before, for the best ‘Caught on CCTV’ moment. For his incredible slip and slide on the freshly mopped floor of the restaurant.

Or maybe its the moment he completely wiped out three people when he tripped in a local nightclub. Do you see a trend here? The three victims were the necessary collateral as he (less than gracefully) hit the floor without spilling a drop of his drink, which is actually pretty impressive!

But this one really takes the ‘gong’… Whilst holidaying in Thailand, our accident-prone Ashley and his partner, Ollie, fell into some evening entertainment at a local gay bar. Free snacks and drinks, what’s not to love?

As the curtains dropped, so did their jaws (and their snacks!) as some extreme erotic entertainment began, to their absolute horror!ย Both ran back to the hotel, mentally scarred for life (therapy is very expensive). Although still at his expense, it gave us full belly laughs for a very long time…

Jokes aside, Ashley is one of Koh’s biggest #LGBT ambassadors and we are really proud of him for that. During Pride Week, he and his team created and proudly displayed rainbow-coloured installations throughout the restaurant, to display our pride to the rest of the City.

When he’s not in the restaurant, where he initially joined in 2016 as a bar man, Ashley spends as much time with his family as possible. He is a very proud uncle to three nephews and one niece. Outside of his family, his other great love is for… The penguin! Yes, its his absolute favourite animal and his love for the bird is on another level. Exhibit A: Ash has a penguin tattoo on his wrist. What could be more permanent than that? Exhibit B: He has penguin-themed decor plastered around his house. Quite the statement. Exhibit C: He loves them so much he could burst! (Into tears). He once cuddled one and was so overwhelmed, he, well… sobbed. So, we think we can all agree from the evidence that he’s quite the superfan.

After enjoying the majority of his holiday to Thailand (bar the above), Ashley fell completely in love with it. So much so, he is heading back there this year and dreams of moving there one day. If not Thailand, he would love to own a bar and a small hotel on the side, a bit closer to home. When we say bar, just to clarify, not the kind that Ash visited…

Ashley is a bundle of fun, and we’re so proud to have him in our ever-growing Koh family. If you’re ever passing by Koh Salisbury, do pop in and have a chat!

Perhaps you’d like to book in at Koh Salisbury? Or if you fancy being a part of Ashley’s fun-filled team, explore our careers page.