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Shrug off the shackles of the three-course meal. Sink into a sofa and let us make you a Caipirinha. Have some of our Thai Chef’s 24-Hour Ribs. Have what you want, when you want it.

Koh Thai Tapas is defying conventions. We are revolutionising Thai dining with our infectious blend of European indulgence and authentic Thai tastes. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our menu and make up your own mind. See the menus >


We are passionate about our unique aesthetic, at once informal and elegant, authentic and modern. So our designs set candlelit brickwork against Thai latticework, street-art murals against historic venues.

Each Koh restaurant oozes its own personality, its own local charm.

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Koh Noi
292 Sandbanks Rd, Poole, BH14 8HX
Tel: 01202 706078
Click here to visit our Koh Noi Micro site and Menus

Since the start of Koh in 2009 we have always wanted to evolve the concept – trying out new ideas and themes.

Day Service Times Bar Times
Mon 5.30-10pm 5pm-till late
Tues 12.30-3pm & 5.30-10pm 12pm-till late
Wed 12.30-3pm & 5.30-10pm 12pm-till late
Thu 12.30-3pm & 5.30-10pm 12pm-till late
Fri 12.30-3pm & 5.30-10.30pm 12pm-till late
Sat 12.30-3pm & 5.30-10.30pm 12pm-till late
Sun 12.30-3pm & 5.30-10pm 12pm-till late

Koh Noi is our tiny island playground where we have a bit more focus on our bar and let our tapas concept run it’s course with everything on our menu tapas size. We know you’ll enjoy it!